School Birthdays

Everyone at school loves a good birthday PARTY! Celebrating a birthday is a special occasion for every child and our teachers at DK Schoolhouse love to make the day just as special as can be.

How We Celebrate at DK Schoolhouse:

– Having an in-class party, song and special activity.
– DK birthday gift
– Special card signed by classmates.
– “Line Leader”, “Story chooser” & “Circle Time Helper” for the day!

Parent’s Should Send:
– Birthday Cake & Candles
– Small snacks or party favors for classmates.
– Party hats/party whistles

Special Requirements For Birthdays: 


-Let us know on enrollment if you do not want your child’s birthday celebrated at school.

– Do not send strong smelling cakes or snacks to school (like durian or jackfruit.)

– Check with the office or your child’s teacher before giving out private birthday party invitations. This makes sure no child feels left out or excluded.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more info on parties, events and more.