Health & Nutrition at School

At DK Schoolhouse we are passionate about building good health through good nutrition! 


Why Is Nutrition Important?

Our DK Food Policy

How You Can Help From Home

We urge parents and care-givers to help us maintain a high nutrition standard by choosing healthy snaks to send to school with their children such as:


Our DK Schoolhouse team works actively with parents and students to promote good hygiene, health and safety at school.



How are Diseases Spread?
Understanding how diseases are spread is the first step to preventing illness. The main way diseases are spread are:

We teach children to cough or sneeze into tissues and not onto surfaces or other people. If children sneeze into their hands, hands should be washed immediately. 

When Do I need to Keep My Child at Home?
You can help us keep illness from spreading at school by keeping your child at home if they are unwell. DK Schoolhouse requires children to stay at home if they develop the following symptoms:

Certain communicable illnesses including, but not limited to: chickenpox, head lice, HFMD, pink eye, measles.

First Aid Procedures

Accidents sometimes happen at school. In the event of a minor accident, a qualified staff member will administer first aid. DID YOU KNOW? Our admin teaching staff are qualified in first-aid and receive regularly updated first-aid training and practice.

What we will do:


What we will do:

Bee Stings

What we will do:

Wound Care (Minor scrapes, scratches and cuts.)

What we will do:

Minor Burns

What we will do:

  Objects in the Ear or Nose

What we will do:

Flu & Fever

What we will do:

Communicable Diseases

Note: If your child has any of the following illnesses we request you keep them at home for a minimum of 24 – 48 hours to avoid spreading sickness to other children.