Preschool Prom Party

A buzz of excitement filled our campus the week leading up to prom night. Outfits were carefully planned. Shared snacks were selected and whispers abounded of special dinner treats. We finished off a typical school morning and swung into action preparing for the party.
Our wonderful partners, The Blue Pumpkin, pitched in to help us transform the playground into a prom hall. Twinkling lights & festive balloons helped compliment the giant sand mountain, which each class had helped assemble earlier in the day. Candles flickered from grooves in the mountain making for a beautiful sight.
While our fabulously dressed guests mingled about the playground trying out the dart wall, ‘Pin the Crown’ & obstacle challenges, Teacher Russell & team were busy whipping up a 5-course dinner.

Each course was served in a different classroom. Students made their way through drinks, appetizers, entrees and later, downstairs for a selection of delicious desserts.
Children proudly showed off their art masterpieces displayed in our upstairs gallery while pointing out their pictures captured in the photo highlight reel.

Once our partygoers had eaten to their hearts content it was time to start the dancing in earnest. Daddies waltzed with their daughters to get the dancing started and before long everyone was paired up and rocking out to High School Musical Hits! Kindy classes who had practiced dance steps earlier in the week were especially excited to show off their new moves.
With the lights flickering low and Little Learner’s yawning, Prom drew to a close. Last minute photos were taken; hugs shared and excited promises to “See you at Summer Camp!” were made.

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