School Birthdays

Everyone at school loves a good birthday PARTY! Celebrating a birthday is a special occasion for every child and our teachers at DK Schoolhouse love to make the day just as special as can be.

How We Celebrate at DK Schoolhouse:

– Having an in-class party, song and special activity.
– DK birthday gift
– Special card signed by classmates.
– “Line Leader”, “Story chooser” & “Circle Time Helper” for the day!

Parent’s Should Send:
– Birthday Cake & Candles
– Small snacks or party favors for classmates.
– Party hats/party whistles

Special Requirements For Birthdays: 


-Let us know on enrollment if you do not want your child’s birthday celebrated at school.

– Do not send strong smelling cakes or snacks to school (like durian or jackfruit.)

– Check with the office or your child’s teacher before giving out private birthday party invitations. This makes sure no child feels left out or excluded.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more info on parties, events and more.

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Summer Camp 2016


Get Ready For Summer!

Ages 2 – 7 years /  July 18th – August 19th  / 8.00am – 12.00pm

Come join us for 5 week of fun in the sun! We have two programs available for Day-Care (2 – 4 years) and Kindergarten (4-6). All programs are run by our team of qualified head teachers and assisted by Khmer National Teacher Assistants.

*Summer camp sign-ups will close on June 1st  2016.

See you there!

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Graduation Day

Joyful whispers and excited preparations filled the campus all week long as students young and old prepared for our annual Graduation Party. On Graduation Day our Little Learner’s came to school dressed in school colors; ruby red, royal purple, navy blue and winter white. Students each brought a photo of themselves and a snack to share for class picnics. 

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Valentine’s Friendship Day



We shared the love and friendship during our Pre-Valentine’s Friendship Party. Activities included games like “Pin the Face on the Heart”, making red glitter bubbles, pink foam painting, drawing faces on heart balloons, and making a Valentine’s cards for our families. Our Little Learner’s each brought a snack to share with his/her classmates. Snacks were set up buffet style in the classroom and students enjoyed the taste of a wide variety of healthy snacks.

Happy Friendship Day!

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Superhero Party


What a blast we had ushering in the New Year with our Superhero party! Our Little Learner’s regaled the schoolhouse with their amazing costumes. With a city to save, our Superhero’s rushed to the rescue. Between teddy bear shark rescues, superhero-armband crafts, little-league obstacle course, bouncy castles, ball tosses and relays, our Little Learner’s sure kept busy! Dancing is always a highlight of every DK Schoolhouse party, and this time was no exception. We zipped, zoomed and ziggled to our hearts content.

We tested out our ‘sense of hearing’ by playing “Pop the Pot” and seeing who could hit the pot down. After only a few tries the pot burst and a shower of sparkles and sweets wafted over our Superhero crowd. We rounded off our fabulous party with a helium balloon send off as we waved goodbye to Term 2.

Hello Term 3!

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