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Working at DK Schoolhouse

DK Schoolhouse is a European-style preschool and kindergarten for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, dedicated to improving the level and quality of Early Childhood Education in Cambodia.  All classes are conducted in English with cultural consideration by our team of educators. Our approach to learning combines play based experiences with a solid educational foundation.
Below we have listed the available positions at DK Schoolhouse. Please read on inside the individual tabs to learn more about what we expect and how you can apply. If we have not listed a specific role that fit your profile, but you feel you are able to contribute significantly to DK Schoolhouse, please send us your motivated cover letter, CV and let us know what we might be missing out on.

Internship with DK Schoolhouse

DK Schoolhouse, A Danish-owned Preschool and Kindergarten for children aged 18m-6 years is seeking interns looking to expand their teaching experience in a different culture whilst developing teaching skill in a formal learning environment. It is essential that applicants for this position have excellent communication skills, demonstrate creativity and understand the importance of adapting to the local culture.

The successful applicant will be working with the DKSP teaching team, which comprise a dynamic group of dedicated educators with years of early childcare education experience. Our team is committed to improving the quality of education for children in Cambodia and providing interactive, tailor-made learning experiences. We’re looking for interns who:

Have proficient English skills.

Has experience interacting with young children on a regular basis.

Has experience with skill instructing (e.g. music, dance, swimming, art, yoga, etc.)

Ability to adapt to a new culture and working environment.

Comfortable with interacting on a non-verbal level.

Ability to remain calm in a busy, high-speed environment.

Exhibits professionalism towards their colleagues and working establishment.

Contributes creatively towards the over all development of the children.

Has/undergoing a major in ECD, preschool education and/or related pedagogy courses.

Is available to stay for a minimum 1 – 3 month period.


What are the responsibilities?

Assist in teaching and general responsibilities for an assigned class of children.

Instruct the set curriculum as directed by the principal and senior teachers.

Maintain excellent relationships with parents and student body.

Contribute to the overall improvement of the school community.


What we offer

DK Schoolhouse provides an extensive Internship Program including:

Daily lunch and beverages.

A 60-minute personal break per day (for full time interns) in accordance with the DKSP break schedule.

Specialized cultural training.

Opportunities for on-the-job training and professional development.

Monthly performance evaluations.

Certificate of Completion from DK Schoolhouse Board of Directors

A letter of recommendation at the completion of the internship program.


What to expect culturally

Cambodia boasts of a rich and fascinating culture with warm and welcoming people. Among many traits differing from its western counterparts is the high regard held for teachers and educators. DK Schoolhouse holds Cambodian culture in the highest esteem and requires its teachers to present themselves in a manner, that portrays respect and consideration towards the local culture. Some cultural reminders to keep in mind are:

  • Dress appropriately. (See: DK Schoolhouse dress code)
  • Salutations. Always greet elders, parents and caretakers with respect. The correct form of greeting for both men and women is the ‘saatuk’, hands folded in prayer position and head inclined slightly. When meeting parents for the first time, offer the saatuk. When being given the saatuk one should immediately respond in kind. It’s acceptable for men to shake hands, but women should greet with the ‘saatuk’ unless proffered a handshake. The saatuk need not be applied when greeting children.
  • Expression. Strive to keep a pleasant, cheerful expression on your face at all times, especially when at campus. Both parents and children will notice and appreciate it.
  • Saving Face. Northern European culture embraces a form of directness in communication, however in South East Asia the opposite is true, as the culture revolves around the delicate custom of ‘Saving Face’, literally meaning to save ones self and those around them from direct humiliation and degradation. The general rules to follow for saving face are:
    • Never lose your cool in public. Raising ones voice, getting angry, shouting or arguing in public are strictly frowned upon and causing a scene will immediately make the person you are speaking to (and those around them) lose face and lose respect for you.
    • If in conflict, stay patient and calm until a resolution is made, even if this means compromising a little.
  • Titles. It is best to use the title ‘Bong’ (meaning elder brother/sister) before a name when addressing someone.
  • Gestures. Never point directly at someone or something. Use an open palm gesture.
  • Never pat or rub children on the top of their head. The head is considered the most sacred part of a person.
  • Phrases. The words ‘Please’ (Som) and ‘Thank You’ (Ar-coon) should be used at all times, as you would use the English counterparts.
  • Shopping. It is alright to ask for a slight discount when making a purchase at local markets, but aggressive bargaining or flamboyant negotiations are considered ill mannered and will not make you many friends in your shopping district. It’s best to ask around what the going price is first before attempting to bargain a lower price. A common misconception is that prices are heavily jacked up for foreigners and tourist. Aside from transportation costs, the price you will be offered is the same or marginally higher than the going rate. Bargaining is never allowed in shops with fixed prices, malls or department stores.

Once you are here

A minimum of 2 days is required after arrival BEFORE beginning the internship to give the Intern a chance to get settled and prepared for the job. Upon arriving at school the Intern will receive the following orientation:

Review the job description

Day to day duties

Special assigned projects

Equipment used (classroom, recourses, class list, books, etc)

Tour of classroom/school campus

Introduction to the teacher they will be working with.

Operation procedures ( emergencies, calling in sick, etc)


How to apply

To get involved with our exciting Internship Program, you’ll only have to complete the following requirements:

Send us your motivated cover letter, CV and a recent photograph to

Tell us how you came to hear about our Internship Program.

Describe your trip details, planned length of stay, academic goals and requirements.

As a busy preschool and kindergarten, we strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours and usually, all applications will be processed within 2-4 business days. Should you not have heard back from us within a week, please feel free to call us directly to check on your application status.

Your point of contact is:
Ms. Leah Soldner,
DK Schoolhouse Principal.
Mobile: +855 (0)78 777 466

Job profile

Title/Position: Head Teacher

Service area: Early Childhood Education.

Job Description:
Responsible for delivering both general and specific items of the curriculum whilst maintaining the safety and well being of the students and contributing to the overall improvement of the school community.

Job Length: 12 – 24 months.

Security Requirements:

Must hold a valid 1-year Cambodian E-Visa

Work references from the past 3 employment establishments.

Background check from native country and local residency.



Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students in terms of disciplines, high moral standards, academic excellence and moral development.

Work cooperatively with the school administrative body and staff members to ensure smooth day-to-day operation in all areas of study and scheduling in addition to maintaining the schools monthly themes and target programs.

Maintain organization of the classroom and lessons to optimize student learning by setting up effective and clear procedures for classroom management and operation.

Interact students and parents in a friendly, polite and professional manner and to be available to meet with parents before class and after class as needed.

Provide quarterly progress reports on students and keep a record of learning modules and activities conducted in class.

Responsible for maintaining an environment that is conducive to teaching.

Direct and supervise children’s play and activities.


Financial responsibilities

The Teacher will be responsible to finance housing and daily transportation to and from DK Schoolhouse. DK Schoolhouse will offer assistance in locating suitable housing and reliable transportation services, if needed.


Experience and skill requirements

The DK Schoolhouse teaching team is a dynamic group of dedicated educators with years of early childcare education experience. Our team provides interactive, tailor-made learning experiences in a culturally appropriate manner. We’re looking for experienced, fun-loving, qualified teachers to join our team and who meet below requirements:

Native English Speaker.

Minimum 2 years of ECD experience and formal training.

Willing to commit to a minimum 1-year contractual period.

Is familiar with managing and instructing a group of 10 or more children in both classroom and informal environments.

Has experience visiting/living/working in South East Asia.

Comfortable with interacting with children on a non-verbal level.

Excellent communication skills.

Ability to remain calm and focused in a busy, high-speed environment.

Exhibits professionalism towards their colleagues and professional environment.

Contributes creatively towards the over all development of the children.

Willing to learn Khmer to able to better communicate with parents and the local community.


What we offer

DKSP provides its staff with an extensive benefits package including medical and vehicle insurance, meals, paid holidays, visa services, career training and recreational activities. Some of these benefits available include:

60-minute personal break in accordance with The School’s schedule.

Assistance with Visa services and visa reimbursement. (Note. Paid visa coverage is available only to employees, who have worked a minimum of 12 months.)

Ongoing specialized cultural training in accordance with the School’s policies.

First Aid and emergency first response training.

Opportunities for career advancement.

What to expect culturally

DK Schoolhouse actively encourages cultural awareness and integration for both teachers and students alike. We hold Cambodian culture in the highest regard and expect our educators to adapt to the culture as much as possible while maintaining a professional example of their country of origin. We require all DK Schoolhouse teachers to:

  • Dress appropriately benefiting their teaching title. (See: DKSP dress code)
  • Greet parents and caregivers in a respectful manner and in the local language as needed.
  • Strive to keep a pleasant, cheerful expression at all times, especially when interacting with children and parents.
  • Avoid raising ones voice or displaying unprofessional emotions while at school.
  • Refer to parents and caregivers with respectful titles.
  • Be mindful of gestures that could be construed as rude: pointing, soles of feet showing, bobbing eyebrows etc.
  • Avoid rubbing or patting children on the head.
  • Learn and use basic Khmer vocabulary (please, thank you, no, excuse me, I’m Sorry, etc.)


How to apply

To join our unique teaching team:

Email us your motivated cover letter, CV and a recent photograph. Be sure to include information about why you decided to pursue a teaching career, your salary expectations and when you are able to start.

Provide 2 recent job references.

Tell us how you heard about DK Schoolhouse.

As a busy preschool and kindergarten, we strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours and usually, all applications will be processed within 2-4 business days. Should you not have heard back from us within a week, please feel free to call us directly to check on your application status.

Your point of contact is:
Ms. Leah Soldner,
DK Schoolhouse Principal.
Mobile: +855 (0)78 777 466

Are you looking to make a difference?


DK Schoolhouse firmly believes in “giving back” to our community by supporting local charity efforts. DK Schoolhouse works in collaboration with Family Care Cambodia, a non-profit educational organization, in an effort to source internships, funding and educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

A Brief History

Family Care Cambodia is a grassroots, non-profit organization founded and directed by Alex and Ann Soldner, in 2002. For the past 12 years we have worked full-time to provide education, training, trauma counseling and opportunities to hundreds of children and youth in Phnom Penh, and the rural provinces of Cambodia. We were granted an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006 and with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in 2009.
Family Care Cambodia welcome interns who have compassion and a desire to use their talents and abilities to help others, and at the same time expand their work experience in a different culture. It is essential that applicants have excellent communication skills, demonstrate self-motivation and a willingness to lend their efforts and creativity in ways that are most needed to assist our local beneficiaries.


What Does Family Care Do?

  • Rural Education Programs
    • Siem Reap, Public Primary School English and IT classes
    • Kampong Speu, Community Learning Center for English and Early Childhood Education
  • Student Hostel Assistance
  • Rescue Shelter Assistance
    • Childhood Trauma Counseling
  • Capacity Building Programs
    • Mentorship & Scholarships
    • Training Seminars and Workshops for Teachers and Social Workers
    • Learning Camps, Education Competitions, Motivational Programs
  • Cambodia Special Olympics
  • Translation and dissemination of educational materials via literature, website, audio/visual
  • Christian Counseling
  • Humanitarian Aid


How You Can Help

Depending on where the internship takes place, applicants will be expected to integrate into our existing program and work respectfully and harmoniously with our Cambodian staff in the following service opportunities:

  • Teaching English as a second language to primary school students
  • Teaching English as a second language to high school students
  • Teaching IT skills to primary school students
  • Teaching English and Early Learning skills to young children
  • Tutoring and administration of primary level distance learning courses for local children
  • Non-formal education classes in music, dance, sports, art, etc.
  • Helping with development projects in agriculture, construction, and farming
  • Curriculum development and research
  • Fundraising development and research

Internship Requirements

Duration of Internship:
Minimum of 1 -3 months.

Must have completed high school and preferably completed, engaged in post graduate studies or have experience in the field of education, social work, community service, development or agriculture.

Local customs and legalities:
Must have a valid visa and be prepared to adapt to local culture in dress code and social behavior standards.

To learn more about Family Care Cambodia and about how you can help, please visit our pages and reach out to us.




Your point of contact is:
Mrs. Ann Soldner
Family Care Director

T. (+855)16 767 237